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Nina The LBD

Nina.  Oh, Nina.


The most beautiful rescue dog in the world. I don’t know her breed but she’s gorgeous. Mink brown, radar ears, white blaze and paws and thin.  She looks like she can be a mix of Italian Greyhound, Rat Terrier and definitely Pit Bull because of her gorgeous green eyes.  She’s a love.  And I just had the hardest time with a name for her….

She looked like a mini Bambi when I got her home.  So, I was tornbetween Bambi.  Bambina (Italian) and a host of other names.

So, when my son came for a visit he aptly named her Little Brown Dog.  She loved it!

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My Breed is Cute

30 Best Days.


Yesterday, a friend laughed at the name of my cute little puppy. Her name is Pica-Boo. Not Peek-A-Boo. Pica-Boo. It means something.

This little bundle of cuteness is adorable. And a diva. Who knew that a puppy dog could be such a diva? I mean, look at her. Fluffy is adorable.

When I rescued her she was a five pound bundle of fluffy cuteness. She could fit in the palm of my hand. She was a Derechio baby – I brought her home the night of the Derechio – June 30th 2012. My son said she looked and acted just like Boo from Monsters, Inc. So….She is tiny and she is the little puppy dog version of Boo from Monsters, Inc.

I brainstormed for hours for a good name for her. I wanted something that described her cuteness and her little boo-ness. And her fluffyness.

A-ha! I started searching in my Italian-American dictionary. En Italiano, Piccolo means tiny. Perfect! Tiny-Boo. I loved it. But…Piccolo-Boo just didn’t flow. So I shortened it to Pica, because she is a girl.

A few weeks ago, on my way out from her regular grooming appointment another customer asked of her breed. “Her breed”?, I asked.

Her breed is cute.

And so is her name.