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Morning Walks from Payson Path


I arrived home to this beautiful little peninsula late Wednesday night.   Driving over the Sagamore Bridge does something internally to all of us natives.  It’s a fluttering in the tummy excitement to be back home.

Memories flooding.  Emotional wrangling and upheaval of my life as I now know it.  I have forgotten how sweet and sleepy my hometown really is.  I have lost touch with what is really important.

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There MUST be some misunderstanding…

I’ll never forget that night.  I was a Sophomore in high school.  I was one of the wallflowers.  I had never been approached and finally, I was asked out on a date.  A real live date with a cute boy.

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Wear Sunscreen….

30 Best Days

Smugglers Beach.  Oh the memories can go on for days on end.  The cast of characters.  The days spent there.  Where to begin?  Where to begin.

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Markie Maypo

30 Best Days.  


My younger brother Mark was the sweetest, kindest and most loving person on the planet.  Mark loved.  Mark did not know anything else.  He was a gentle old soul in child’s clothing.  Mark had a laugh that was seriously infectious.  When Mark started laughing, it led to more laughter.  And then he would fall off his chair, roll down the hallway laughing and the next thing   we knew we were all laughing so hard we were crying.  That is the affect that Mark had on the conversation and on the world.  He was love. Pure love.  Everyone that knew him loved him and he loved back.  Down to the core of his soul.  He was an old soul.

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Frankie Four Fingers


30 Best Days.  

Frankie…..I always thought of him as an old soul.

I mean it. Frank is my elder brother and took life far too seriously. I remember this one conversation we had – after my father left – Frank and I were in the kitchen doing what most people do in the kitchen: eat. We’re half Italian and half Portuguese – we eat! A lot!

Frank found it totally appropriate to inform me that he is now the “Man of the House” since my dad left. I wanted to vomit. A lot. Reference half Italian and half Portuguese…we eat a lot. We also vomit. A lot.

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Cape Cod Circa 1971

30 Best Days


As a child, I had no idea how amazing my life was. Caught up in the day to day doldrums of nothing to do, boredom, it is all about me and the inquisitiveness that is the mind of an elementary school student. Way too smart for my own good. I don’t recall most of my childhood, I never thought this was unusual until my own son recanted stories of days when he was wearing diapers. Although I do remember being the most amazing fifth grader who had bouffant hairdos. (Another blog post for another time…but my mom is a retired hairdresser and I got to be her subject).

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