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Transition from fear.


I am the newly named CEO for a Keller Williams market center located in Vienna/Tysons VA.  I say that with great pride.

I just accepted this leadership position and I am thrilled with the positive energy, team focus and spirit of enthusiasm with the firm I just joined.   God first.  Family second and then business.  This company gets it.  The vision to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living hit home for me on so many levels.  It truly is a culture of generosity.  That is quite clear.

I found a home where I can shine.  My incredible talents are appreciated and valued.  I can say that I really scored big on this move.  I should have done it years ago.  But I now value, recognize, appreciate and understand the meaning of support and generosity.

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Thicken up your skin….

30 Best Daysconfident woman

If there is one thing that I learned from being a Managing Broker (and my past career in the Hotel and IT Industries, as well) it’s that thick skin is your friend.

I walked into my first Broker position all happy, enthusiastic and ready to set the world on fire.  I mean, really…how hard can it be?  I ran huge departments for huge companies before…how hard is it to run a Real Estate office?  Pffftttttttttttt…. no sweat!

Four years after running an office….woweeeeee…..  I though it was tough to run entire departments filled with high school interns, ego-centric executives and overqualified, over educated marketing staff.  Boy, was I wrong!

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Rustic? I think not!


30 Best Days.

I have been searching for the perfect dining room chandelier and it has been a challenge to find that perfect fit.  My dining room is a traditional blend of eclectic and traditional with a hint of rustic thrown in for good measure.

And this is what happened when I googled “rustic dining room chandeliers”…..

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It only took a year….

30 Best Days.

images (1)An Open Letter from My Douche-Baggy Neighbor:

Hello, I am your douche bag neighbor who won’t allow you to let the drain extender run onto the six inch strip of my property line.  I mean, with the natural curve of the mulch bed into the natural space created by the edge of the driveway where it meets the dirt/grass and allows the water to run like a sweet little stream into the street and away from your (and my, for that matter) home’s foundation

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