About me…

Me six days old

That’s me! Mouth wide open screaming bloody murder as a newborn.

Things haven’t changed that much since then, quite honestly.

I was born and raised on Cape Cod in a lower middle class family.  And by lower middle class, I mean poor.  Dirt poor.  My mom was a hairdresser and my father a police officer. Between them, I think they might have grossed in one year what many people now gross in a month.

I digress…

After growing up on the shores of Cape Cod, I moved to Syracuse, NY followed by a transfer to Washington, DC six short years later.

I was a hotel marketing executive for about 10 years when I decided to go and earn my network engineering certifications to enter the boom of the Internet industry.  I accepted a position with an IT firm as marketing manager and quickly worked my way up the executive ladder until the firm went bankrupt as part of the dot com bust.

I found myself without a job, in a home I had just purchased, a son in private high school and no relief in sight.  So, I got my Real Estate License and was off and running.

I sold almost $10M my first year and never looked back.

I took all of my hotel systems and processes along with my network engineering/IT skills and built a stable and lucrative career for myself.  Until I grew tired of being a one woman show.

I earned my Broker’s License and went back into leadership.  I missed leadership and wanted to teach others so much of what helped me achieve my success.

I worked for a firm in the DC Market and turned the office around and improved profits by almost double in my first year and again in my second and third.

Now, I have written a book about all that I have learned as a Managing Broker.  I taught agents everything I knew as an agent and now I am teaching everything I know as a broker.

And it has been an amazing, insightful and uplifting journey of self discovery and education that is beyond my wildest imagination!

With the book comes incredible opportunities to support others in my field to achieve similar success at their office.  With a smile.

And a laugh.

It’s a great sense of humor that can turn things dreams into reality.

Believe me, I know this…I grew up with three brothers in an Italian/Portuguese household.  Humor was a pre-requisite to birth.

30 Best Days.


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