Transition from fear.


I am the newly named CEO for a Keller Williams market center located in Vienna/Tysons VA.  I say that with great pride.

I just accepted this leadership position and I am thrilled with the positive energy, team focus and spirit of enthusiasm with the firm I just joined.   God first.  Family second and then business.  This company gets it.  The vision to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living hit home for me on so many levels.  It truly is a culture of generosity.  That is quite clear.

I found a home where I can shine.  My incredible talents are appreciated and valued.  I can say that I really scored big on this move.  I should have done it years ago.  But I now value, recognize, appreciate and understand the meaning of support and generosity.

Having spent some time with traditional brokerages in leadership roles, it became very clear to me that my overall style and dreams for myself do not fit the model of those firms; there just isn’t a career path for someone like me.  I love to train, coach, identify and bring on new talent.  I love building relationships.  I am a high D and crazy focused on my goals.  Nothing stops me. Traditional brokerage structure does not foster my need for support, my high level of creativity and my very forward thinking style of leadership.

So many firms do not allow brokers like me to take the ball and run with it.  There are very thick boundaries in creativity and very boxed and rote ways of doing things.  Thinking outside of those boxes is not really welcomed.  Do not misunderstand me here…. traditional firms are wonderful, successful in their own right and also offer some pretty sweet benefits.  This blog is not about criticizing other firms at all.  It’s more about my style and the fact that I am always wanting to try new things, brainstorm new ideas and move forward to the future.  I am a visionary.  I operate from a place of love and not fear.  And I do not speak the same language as those who speak from a place of fear.  It’s like talking Italian to someone who only speaks Chinese.

Recently I was selected by the NVAR Nomination Committee to run for the 2016 Board of Directors and when I say how honored and humbled I am by this prestigious opportunity to run for the board and ultimately serve our association, I mean I am REALLY honored and humbled. When I received a call from the nominating committee, I was floored and I was so very grateful that this committee selected me to run out of the thousands of agents and brokers in the area.

I accepted the challenge to run.  I have been a successful agent and Managing Broker since 2001; prior to my real estate career I held Executive Marketing positions in both the hospitality and IT industries.  Being elected meant that I could  bring a wealth of experience with me including International Marketing, advertising, business development, brand development and sales strategy.  As an agent, I utilized my knowledge and skills in marketing, technology, sales and business development resulting in my first year success of closed volume of close to $10MM. This is unprecedented for anyone having no database or lead systems in place for me to take advantage of.  I built this business from scratch.  I am thankful for some incredible  mentors but I truly built it from scratch.

When I transitioned into a leadership role as Managing Broker, my focus shifted to training with a very clear vision to improve consistency of practice in our industry and this focus has served me well.  I have a very rare blend of technology savvy, sales and negotiation skills coupled with exceptional presentation and coaching skills.  I also bring enthusiasm, positivity, great ideas, confidence and optimistic energy.   All of this led to enormous success. – yet another reason for me to accept the nomination to run.  I felt that I had some real value to offer NVAR.  Being extremely passionate about technology trends and what we can do to maintain our strength and value as real estate agents in this ever changing marketplace also helps immensely.

I was truly enthusiastic and optimistic about my run for the board.  I want to serve.  I want to provide value for my colleagues.  It’s who I am as a human being.  Generous in spirit and nature.

I set out to give it my all.  I prepared newsletters, electronic mailers, I stopped by local offices to leave “Vote for Me” postcards, I called my former brokers, I called my friends and I posted it everywhere on social media.  Just like everything else I do in my life, I fully committed to succeed in the election.  After weeks of campaigning, the final votes had been tallied and the elections were to be announced at our annual trade show.

The day before the poll announcements were to be made, a meeting was called with me to discuss some items.  Included in that agenda was the desire to “warn me” that I would not win the NVAR BOD election.  The reasoning was that I was running for the first time and “it just typically does not happen” on the first try.  Additionally, it was conveyed to me that the agents  are not members of the same board and “frankly it was an effort in futility”.  Then again, there was no support for me running in the first place.  Not a single communication went out to announce my nomination and support a win for me.  What a lost opportunity!  There are agents who are, in fact, members of the same board and certainly those agents would want representation for our company, right?    I asked myself that question over and over again while I was being schooled on the myriad of reasons why I would not win. I was speaking Italian to someone who only understood Chinese.  Such a huge chasm between fear based thinking and love based thinking.  When I mustered up some words in response to this ominous prediction, a simple:  “I understand.  If I win or I don’t, I am honored to have been selected to run”.  That is how I view everything:  from a place of love and gratitude.

In the end, I won.  I worked hard for it.  I campaigned hard.  My colleagues and friends and family all rallied behind my nomination and supported my efforts to make a difference.  My reputation in the industry prevailed and I get to serve our association and continue to walk this journey in the directions of my dreams.

I reflected on this today in an effort to see the lesson.  What have I really learned here?

My decision to transfer to a firm that speaks from a place of love is the language that I speak. It is an honor.  And one that I am so very blessed to experience in my career.

The hardest decision that I have made this year, whether to stay and try harder or simply walk away, helped me to grow.  I have found my way home.  There is a clear vision, a culture focused on business and a path for me to advance in my career.  And my life and my career is finally as I choose it to be.




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