The Truth Shall Set You Free…..

kitten and lion

  1. That no matter how honest, kind and generous I am, people will believe what they want. Good or bad.
  2. So many people that I am surrounded by do not know me at all.
  3. Thankfully, so many more people that I am surrounded by know me SO WELL.
  4. I can be the best person I can be and the negative projections of others will mar that reputation in THEIR OWN MINDS. Learning that was big for me today.
  5. I am NOT a victim.
  6. I AM loved by many. I have mastered the skill of focusing on those who love me most. I love them back times a thousand.
  7. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am learning to understand that concept so much more deeply than ever before.
  8. I know what I am made of. I know who I am. And NO ONE can change my own self image of me.  No one.
  9. No response is far superior to anything I can ever say to persuade negative, self-serving ego driven minds to listen. They won’t.
  10. There are definitely two sides, and sometimes three, to every story. People believe what they want based on their own agendas. That has nothing to do with me. But I get it.
  11. Being happy and focusing on my own happiness can hurt others. For that, I am sorry.
  12. Hurt souls never understand and cannot embrace the needs of those around them. They are sad and hurt to begin with. Seeing beyond their own internal wall of hurt is nearly impossible.
  13. Today I learned who I can trust. And it’s a double edged sword.
  14. I hold myself to a very high standard.  I stopped expecting others to hold themselves to this same standard of excellence.  Not everyone operates at the same level of high accountability.
  15. Nothing can ever stop me from being the best version of myself. NOTHING.

30 Best Days.


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