There MUST be some misunderstanding…

I’ll never forget that night.  I was a Sophomore in high school.  I was one of the wallflowers.  I had never been approached and finally, I was asked out on a date.  A real live date with a cute boy.

That moment was pretty amazing.  He asked….”Would you like to go see a movie with me later?”.  Me…answering in my usual cool collectedness…”Sure…what time?”. That is what came out of my mouth.  What was going on in my head was “OHHMYYYYYGOOOODDDDDD…..what did I just say?  Did I spit?  Do I have a booger?  Is my hair ok? Do I have food in my teeth?…. and on I went in my head with the self-questioning.  That voice in my head was interrupted by….”I’ll pick you up at Townhouse Market at 6:30″.  Townhouse Market?  What?  Wait?

6:30 it was.  At Townhouse Market.

I was filled with glee on that rainy day.  Daydreaming my way through classes to get home and pretty myself up for my first real date.  The thought was goosepimply!

At 6:15, I took the 5 minute walk up to the Townhouse Market – I so did not want to be late! The rain dwindled to a cool salt air Cape Cod mist by then and I sat on the curb waiting like a dutiful girl all trying to be cool and calm;  on the outside.  On the inside I was doing it again…”Will he notice my matching hair bow?  What about my hair…is it looking awful and flat with the rain?  What about my cute shoes….will he like them?  Or will he think I’m pretty?  He’ll definitely think I’m too fat….”  and did this over and over and over again in my mind.  I was so caught up in my own self-loathing that I had not even noticed that over 45 minutes had passed..

So, I did what most intelligent people would do:  I found a payphone and called him. And I called him again.  And again.  And again….waiting in the rain for hours.  I finally gave up..

I was left there.  In the rain.  Wondering if there was some misunderstanding.

I walked back home, bruised and rejected.  I turned on the radio to Phil Collins wailing out ….”There Must Be Some Misunderstanding”….

And so it is emblazoned in my memory bank forever when I listen to that song. I go right back to that night looking into the darkness of an empty parking lot wondering why he didn’t show that night.

30 Best Days.


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