The Bumble Monster..a.k.a The Abominable Snow Monster of The North

Bumble30 Best Days

So, I have been away from this whole blogging idea.  I have been pondering my objectives and why I started to write here in the first place.  And…it seems that there are so many bloggers out there and so much content!!  I mean, who wants to sit in front of a PC, MAC, Tablet, phone, app, blah blah blah blah blah just turning brain matter into mush matter anyway?

My calling in life is entertainment in some form or fashion.  First I wanted to be an actress on General Hospital.  Then I wanted to be a pop singer.  Then I wanted to be in radio.  Then I wanted to be a model…and on and on the list it goes.  Then I got pregnant really young and all my dreams vanished as fast as you can say “inhale pink, exhale blue…..ah……annnnnndddddd. PUSH!” Poof!  In an instant, I was a young mother with no hopes and dreams anymore.

I now poured all of my life desires into the hopes of providing a better life for my son, we all know how the story ends.  My generation, I think we are known as the  rear end of the baby boomers and the front end of Generation X…Y…or some combination of all three, felt it was our goal and sole purpose in life to give our kids more than we had.


Ultimately, I would rather not bore you.

So….now that you have all that down…here is where I was going with this blogging thing:  I want to entertain you!  Not slapstick elementary humor.  Nor political agenda. Not even a shameless plug of my business or a plea to save the animals.  But pure emotional connection to my sense of humor that is steeped in my Italian culture and my upbringing on a sweet and somewhat preserved peninsula lovingly known as Cape Cod.   I have learned, through my childhood experiences and an early and completely unexpected parenting role, that if we can see the humor in every situation we truly can be the best version of ourselves at all times.  Side note here:  I heard that quote from a cancer survivor recently;  “We really and truly must be the best version of ourselves at ALL TIMES”.  It was an emotional and beautiful confession after she lost all of her hair and dignity in a world of shallow humans with a tendency towards unforgiveness to those less fortunate.

All that said….I am just here, living my journey,  on virtual paper hoping that one of my stories could possibly heal an old wound, spark a new conversation, reconnect you to an old forgotten friend, help you see the world differently or even force you to reach deep within yourself and actually love what you see.  I have experienced all of this and more.  It is time for me to share it with the world. As my beautiful and gorgeous friend Brandon once said:   “If you want to hang here, get on, strap yourself in and get ready for a RIDE,”



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