Wear Sunscreen….

30 Best Days

Smugglers Beach.  Oh the memories can go on for days on end.  The cast of characters.  The days spent there.  Where to begin?  Where to begin.

The tides were beautiful on Smugglers – high tide brought laps of waves, seaweed, a lot of cute little hermit crabs and sand sharks to swim with.  Low tide was my favorite…when the tide went out on Smugglers Beach the water went with it.  It is a spectacular sight.  The bayside beaches were delightful at low tide.  We could walk out a mile and look back at the beach – picking up beach glass and stones along the way.  It was the most beautiful way to spend Saturdays as kids.  Not a care in the world.  The salt air, the sea spray and the sunshine.

My friends never judged me.  The were loving kind kids who found solace in a group of accepting and fun loving artists that we were.  We had the braniac, the singer, the model, the dancer and the comedienne…not to forget the fashionista and our gay pal who was gorgeous.  We just didn’t know he was gay at the time.

We lounged every Saturday without a care in the world.  We complained about our bodies, our hair and our teeth.  We each wanted so much more from life and I, personally, found that laying on the beach suntanning, jumping into the waves and acting like the child that I was.  It made me grateful today for so much that I had no idea I had in the palm of my hands.

The song by Baz Lurhman sums it up…

I miss the beach.  And home.  And Smugglers Beach.



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